Fab-Ron specializes in providing industrial packaging and material handling equipment. We sell world-class used industrial equipment and manufacturing equipment to meet our customers growing demands. We provide the very best in service and products, such as Zanasi inkjet printers, as well as Gorbel and Vaculex equipment for handling and lifting purposes. We are also the leading distributor for Vacutrade, ITW Binks/Polycraft, Exel/Kremlin, GlasCraft, H.B. Fuller and others.


Used industrial equipment provides an economical and efficient means to protect your Zanasi, Gorbel, and Vaculex investment for years to come. If you purchase rebuilt or refurbished equipment and systems, you can end up saving up to 40% to 50% compared to the cost of new systems or parts.


We will provide you with industry best, comprehensive warranty on all reconditioned systems and components. Be assured, factory trained technicians of each brand will calibrate, test and certify all reconditioned parts used in the system. Your investment and warranty is protected because the replacement parts used in the reconditioned systems are genuine and company certified. No doubt you will be given the original quality even in the reconditioned system.

This listing is not complete… We are adding new equipment each day. If you don’t see your equipment listed here – do tell us!

Equipment Name Types Manufacturer Details
Spray Guns & Pump AXC Airmax Spray Gun – Stainless Steel Kremlin
Spray Guns & Pump Xcite™400 AIRMIX® gun Kremlin Click Here
Spray Guns & Pump 16.120F FLOWMAX® Pump – Stainless Steel Kremlin
Printers Z4700 CIJ Printers Zanasi Click Here
Printers Z402 Printers Zanasi Click Here
Printers Z640Plus 3.0 Printers Zanasi Click Here

For more information about used industrial equipment provided by Fab-Ron, contact us at 501-372-4583.

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