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Significance of Material Handling & Packaging For Manufacturing Facilities

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There are available a wide variety of material handling and packaging products which are important for the proper functioning of any manufacturing business. From pulleys, trolleys to ladders, these equipment help to maintain worker productivity at your facility. Different material packaging and handling equipment streamlines your entire manufacturing process as well as increase efficiency.

The main aim of every business is to keep their customers satisfied with their quality products and services. At Fab-Ron, you can find high quality automated packaging and handling equipment, such as Nordson hot melt dispensing applicators, Kremlin spraying guns, Zanasi printers and more. Below are mentioned the significance of material handling and packaging equipment:

Proper Functioning and Better Organization – Your business can run into huge losses with improper functioning and unorganized floor. If you want to reduce costs, increase capacity and improve working conditions, material handling equipment is the best way to do these things. Packaging materials and methods also affect your productivity. That’s why using proper handling and packaging systems can ensure efficient working of the organization.Packaging And Handling Equipment

Saves Time, Money and Space – “Time is money” is an age old saying. The automation of handling and packaging processes has gain popularity in the recent past as it uses less energy and resources, thus saving you money and time. Machine packaging also reduces the costs associated with space, shipping and handling. When it comes to transportation, machines require less space thereby making many more products move at once.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction – Often packaged products get ruined during transportation. Damaged products might lead to disappointed customers, affecting company’s brand name. To ensure guaranteed customer satisfaction, deal with the packages with utmost care. It is recommended that you should opt for right tools and machines that help you provide quality packaging services.

Better Inventory Management- Storage facility is the place where you can accommodate excess materials for a long time until when they are required. Racks, bins, frames and shelves are common examples. The storage facility serves two purposes – firstly, it makes sure that production remains an ongoing process without worrying that excess products have been produced. Secondly, it is highly beneficial in case of sudden demand or shortage.

Better Safety – The material handling equipment makes sure that the material is passed along safely. When the materials are stored at the right place, it becomes easier to pick them up and transport them. This also helps to reduce worker fatigue and make handling and movement of products safe.

If you would like to have all these benefits, get in touch with Fab-Ron to provide you with the best packaging and handling equipment as per the needs of your company.

External Factors Responsible For Wrecking the Dispensing Outcomes

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Robotic dispensing equipment helps in automating the manufacturing process. High-quality dispensing equipment dispense the adhesives over product evenly and efficiently. However, sometimes material handling machines do not work effectively, which results in lower output. This clearly means that something is wrong with the external factors responsible for production.

Material Handling Equipment Distributors

Fab-Ron, in association with Nordson, offers a variety of material handling equipment, including adhesive dispensing systems, to suit your specific manufacturing needs. A comprehensive selection of pumps and hopper sizes, along with a variety of hose gun connections helps in the customization of material handling machines to meet your individual requirements. Few of the much-acclaimed material handling equipment are:

  • MiniBlue II Long-Life Hot Melt Dispensing Guns – The hot melt glue applicator provides the longest service life as compared to any pneumatic gun in the packaging industry. It also reduces maintenance, downtime and replacement parts costs. One can also see the decline in adhesive use and material costs up to 50 percent.
  • Hot Melt Adhesive Dispensing Systems – The adhesive dispensing equipment is suitable for wide range of consumer and industrial product manufacturing environments. It delivers efficient, versatile hot melt and liquid adhesive application. The adhesive dispensing equipment, and applicators help in improving bonding and sealing performance.

The external factors that can affect the dispensing outcomes are:

AIR PRESSURE IN THE FACTORY – The pressure dispensing equipment requires factory air pressure to work properly. If your air pressure fluctuates throughout the day, it affects the accuracy and production adversely. Therefore, it is required to have a consistent air supply for accurate dispensing. Follow the below-mentioned tips to ensure a constant supply of air pressure:

  • To help stabilize small pressure fluctuations, it is recommended to install a filter regulator close to your dispensing equipment.
  • The incoming air pressure should be kept at least 10 psi below the lowest fluctuation point of your air supply.
  • To help keep air pressure more constant, consider installing dispensing equipment close to your air compressor.

FLUCTUATIONS IN TEMPERATURE – There are many fluids which are sensitive to temperature. On the other hand, there are fluids whose viscosity gets thinner as temperatures increase. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust dispensing parameters to accommodate the lower fluid viscosity. Keep a check that no doors are opened during the day and the HVAC systems work properly.

DIFFERENCES DUE TO OPERATOR – If everything works in the best way during the first half and then all of a sudden things start falling apart during the second half, it could be due to variations in usage between operators. Install the right dispensing system so as to prevent differences if any between the operators.

The above mentioned external factors can affect your dispensing outcomes which are otherwise not possible with MiniBlue II Long-Life Hot Melt Dispensing Guns and Hot Melt Adhesive Dispensing Systems. Fab-Ron is one of the renowned material handling equipment distributors, and specializes in high quality and durable material handling equipment and machines, such as hot melt adhesive dispensers.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Inks for Ink Jet Printers

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Ink Jet printing enables variable information to be printed on multiple substrates including uncoated and coated corrugated cartons, gypsum, PVC piping, lumber and other materials. Many manufacturers require various information such as lot or batch codes, expiration dates, or barcodes on their product. To achieve these required codes, manufacturers need to buy Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printers from material handling equipment distributors.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Inks for Ink Jet Printers

The new Z4700 continuous inkjet printer system conforms to the ergonomic and design tradition of Zanasi. The hydraulic system maintains high-quality standards even after prolonged stoppages to meet the demand for reliability both during standard as well as more intensive uses. Usually, printing on steel is a difficult task as it produces a lot of heat. Z4700 continuous inkjet printer is ideal for printing on metal and steel parts as the printer has stainless steel and aluminum structure, which is hermetically sealed so as to withstand higher temperatures. Normal printers cannot withstand that much heat during printing on steel. Additionally, Z4700 continuous inkjet printer is also equipped with Micro Print Nozzle for high quality resolution print on steel.

For high-speed clear coding, you require a proper ink that gives long lasting results. Hence, when choosing the ink to fill your ink jet five criteria should be considered:

  • SUBSTRATE TYPE – The ink ultimately needs to contact the substrate (substance), spread, dry and adhere with acceptable adhesion and durability. The substrate ink can be categorized as “porous” – absorbing the ink, or “non-porous” – ink spreading, but ink sits on the surface of the substrate. Inks printed onto porous substrates dry through absorption into the substrate fibers. Inks printed onto non-porous substrates dry through evaporation. But do not end up choosing non-porous for all applications. This is because the evaporative inks tend to require more maintenance than the less evaporative porous inks.
  • DRY TIME AND ADHESION – The inks can also be chosen on the basis of the time period between printing and contacting conveyor rails and rollers or with contacting other cartons or products. Do some investigation taking into consideration conveyor speed and location of objects that may contact the print. To avoid the chance of smudging the dry time with acceptable adhesion must be less than 3 seconds.
  • LIGHTFASTNESS – If your manufactured substrate will directly be exposed to outdoor light or to indoor light, then lightfastness is highly recommended. If it will be exposed to outdoor light for days or weeks at a time then “pigmented” inks are recommended. Pigments are particles of colorant in solution. Dyes are liquids state. Particles tend to maintain lightfastness much better than dye colorants.
  • IMAGE – Are you planning on printing texts or barcodes? Since barcodes will be scanned and measured with a barcode scanner they require finer control over the dot spread than text. Dyes tend to spread more than pigment particles by wicking along the corrugated carton fibers. Therefore, pigmented inks may be your best choice for barcode printing.
  • COLOR – To readily identify and differentiate your products amongst others, go ahead with the usage of spot colors. With this, your employees and customers, be it wholesalers, retailers or end customers, will be able to identify the carton without facing any hiccups.

To avoid mistake-proof and mess-free refilling, the cartridge based system should be used as it prevents accidental component damage due to leaks or spills. So in future, when you buy inks for inkjet printer from material handling equipment distributors, do consider the above criteria.

The Benefits of Optimizing Your Packaging Process

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Nowadays, warehouse efficiency has become the need of the hour. This is the reason why more and more companies are looking out for ways to make their day-to-day processes more efficient. The most time-consuming process in manufacturing unit is packing the products. For the same, manufacturers need to adopt some new methods or bring about some moderate changes in their existing packing process to increase productivity and reduce time wastage. Let’s take a look at how efficient packaging and handling methods can help your company.

The Benefits of Optimizing Your Packaging Process

  • Improve Worker Efficiency – More than 50% of your warehouse labor is in packing and handling process. Packaging optimization can bring the biggest improvement in labor productivity. Your workforce will be dependent on production through automated machines instead of working manually, thus reducing the chances of lethargy and fatigue.
  • Assure Product Quality – The packaging industry has grown in spades. There are now available a wide range of packaging options to suit the preferences of every client. Bulk packaging can be customized to meet specific needs, which can make a huge difference to your business. Food or pharmaceutical industries, for instance, have strict requirements for packaging – food-grade bags must be clinically sterile to meet international safety standards.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards – For instance, industries that deal in potentially hazardous substances require packaging that abides and complies with stringent international standards. Packaging specialists can provide bulk bags specially designed for transportation of these hazardous goods.
  • Minimize Waste – Large sacks generally cannot be used for multiple uses whereas the bulk bags can be reused for future use. The number of times a bulk bag can be used depends on how it is filled and handled, as well as the content of the load. If you really want to contribute your best to the significant reduction in waste, bulk bags make sense. And, it will be feasible for your business to switch from sacks to bulk bags.

If in case your packaging process is not efficient, then abide by these two steps:

  1. Take advantage of automation technology – Automated devices and advanced packaging and handling equipment are a bliss for your business as they not only help the workers in improving the efficiency and production but also reduce their fatigue. A warehouse employee who is doing everything manually will be physically tired than the employee working with automated devices. Minimize human errors, increase production and improve the working condition by using latest packaging and handling equipment.
  1. Use of 80/20 rule – According to the 80:20 Pareto Principle – “80 percent of outcomes are from 20 percent of causes.” This 80:20 Rule also holds true for your warehouse. 80% of customer orders are likely to come from 20% of your stock. If you store and handle these items in the most efficient manner, then it will automatically increase your overall efficiency.

If you’re looking for packaging and handling equipment that can help you work in a hassle free manner, then Fab-Ron can help you with that. We offer specialized products that fit your special needs. We sell and service world class manufacturing equipment, such as Nordson hot melt dispensing applicators, Zanasi inkjet printers, as well as Gorbel and Vaculex for handling and lifting purposes.

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