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3 Tips to Save Money on Carton Printing

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When it comes to paper – recycle, reduce, and reuse are the vital elements. Along with that, you need to also focus on the printing costs. Every time you use the printer, you not only spend on paper but also on the toner and ink. When it comes to labelling and carton printing, this process can be made cost-efficient by using industrial inkjet printers. The good news is that you can also opt for used industrial equipment to save money.

Following are a few considerations that can make a huge impact on the cost of your carton printing:

  1. Go for Used Industrial Equipment

When you go for used industrial equipment for carton printing needs, you are ideally going for an economical means to fulfill your industrial requirements. When you purchase refurbished equipment and systems, you end up saving up to 40-50% compared to the cost of new systems. At Fab-Ron, we strive to provide each of our customer with best printing equipment and a comprehensive warranty on all reconditioned systems.

  1. Choose Industrial Inkjet Printers

When it comes to carton printing, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to make sure that it is highly legible and accurate. This helps in keeping track of the inventory as well as the supply chain management. To address the variety of printing needs and applications arising thereof, Fab-Ron provides a wide variety of industrial inkjet printers in association with Zanasi. These ink-based systems and automatic label application carry out the operations efficiently.

  1. Go for the Right Carton Material

First thing first! Start with the type of carton material you are in need of. The paperboard is available in several grades. Select the one that fulfils your packaging needs, is within your budget and represents your company brand. Buy your paperboard materials in bulk quantity to save a little money. Regardless of the material you choose, make sure it is all recyclable and sustainable to avoid pollution.

At Fab-Ron, we specialize in providing reliable and the best industrial inkjet printers for your product in accordance with your needs and budget. Based on your long-term and short-term requirements, we also provide used industrial equipment which is genuine and company certified.


A Guide to Choosing the Right Conveyor for Your Facility

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Many industries opt for the conveyor for efficient and safe internal transportation. However, you need to find the right conveyor as per your specific needs and requirements. Fab-Ron is a leading material handling equipment distributor to industries involved in auto and aerospace manufacturing, canning and bottling, packaging, chemicals, and more.

Why Use Conveyors?

  • It increases efficiency and safety in industrial operations.
  • It is a reliable means of transportation of materials that require lots of manual labor and are possibly unsafe.
  • They can be easily installed and provide a goods means of transport in comparison to forklifts.
  • They can operate continuously and can move variety of materials weights, shapes, and sizes.

Types of Conveyor Systems

Below are enlisted the types of conveyors that manufacturing facility managers can select for better facility management:

  • Monorail Conveyors – Easy to maintain, occupies less space, and they can be used to move lightweight materials throughout the facility.
  • Floor Conveyors – Using this conveyor, materials can be moved below any manufacturing machinery, which allows the machine to get access to the materials when needed. This conveyor is perfect for assembly or processing facilities.
  • Power and Free Conveyors – These types of conveyors give operators ample of flexibility as they use tracks to move items from one place to another.

Tips To Choose The Right Conveyor For Your Facility

Product & Its Requirements – What conveyor you should choose depends on the products you manufacture or handle. You need to have a thorough understanding of the products, its production process and the environment along with the software. Provide this information to your material handling equipment distributors to help you find the best conveyor system for your industrial production.

Modular, Scalable & Flexible – The perfect conveyor is the blend of flexibility, modularity, and scalability. A flexible and modular conveyor system will easily adapt to the fluctuations in demand and implement continuous improvements to the product production process. Therefore, while investing in a new conveyor make sure that it is adaptable to the changes in production facility.

Easy to Maintain – Conveyor system consists of many mechanical parts. Therefore, maintenance is the main concern for all facilities. If there occurs any wear and tear in conveyor, it slows down the work at your facility and decreases the value of your investment. Ask these questions before buying – How much mechanical skills are required to repair it? What could be the maintenance cost per year? Are its mechanical parts easily available in the market?

Lowers the Environmental Impact – Environment is something we should all care for! While investing in any industrial product, take into consideration if it causes any harm to the environment? Choose a conveyor system that reduces waste and energy consumption. This will automatically lower your environmental impact and increase the efficiency of your production.

Conveyor system has a myriad of benefits such as they add convenience and safety in distribution, manufacturing and other facilities. Share your requirements and concerns with your material handling equipment distributor so that they can provide you a reliable and advanced conveyor system based on your unique needs.

Factors to Keep in Mind while Purchasing Industrial Ink Jet Printers

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Whether you are a manufacturer of foods or beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, or bulk powders and chemicals, there is some type of coding that needs to be done so as to provide various information such as batch numbers, production/plant dates and location, best before and use by dates, and more. Regardless of what type of product or substrate you are marking, ink jet printers such as date and lot coding printers can provide a great solution for industrial coding and marking needs.

industrial ink jet printers

But when you go out for purchasing an industrial ink jet printer for your manufacturing unit, keep these below factors in mind:

1. Reliability – Date and lot coding printers are used daily to consistently mark variable data on the products manufactured. From barcodes to traceability codes to use-before dates and more, the data produced by these printers enable clear tracking, thus helping the manufacturers to fill in accurate inventory numbers.

2. Performance – Most of the times, the industrial ink jet printers are widely used in the fast production environments. Some of these production facilities operate around the clock. Therefore, having an ink jet printing system that makes the work hassle-free and more productive is not just a convenience, but it’s a necessity. For others, a more basic or medium-range performance level printer will suffice. However, those on the production lines need date and lot coding ink jet systems to meet their exact printing demands each time and every time.

3. Compatibility – These industrial ink jet systems need to be compatible and should be in accordance with the industry leading technology. Processes should be as streamlined as possible so as to save both time and money. Having printing technology that provides flexible options can be the difference between an efficient print job and a costly one.

4. Price – This is a factor which needs to be taken care of while making any purchase. There are many dealers specializing in date and lot coding printers and you might get confused which one to go for, especially because different dealers have different price tags. At Fab-Ron, the printers are available at exclusive rates and have a very competitive price.

Of all the technologies to print date and other codes on products, industrail ink jet printers are the most common and have the highest demand. The perfect blend of high speed potential, low cost per print and low maintenance are some of the reasons why the manufacturing units always rely on these printers to increase the production and efficiency of the workmen.

As a leader in supplying printing systems, Fab-Ron understands the increasing demands of those industries who utilize industrial ink jet printers on a regular basis. We specialize in providing industrial ink jet printers, packaging and material handling equipment. We also service manufacturing and packaging equipment at affordable rates.

These are the Top Choices for Date, Lot and Batch Code Printing

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Precise, easy to read and indelible date codes and batch codes are important for many industries – from food and beverage to pharmaceutical. With industrial inkjet printers, you have everything you need to print use-by dates, best-before dates and batch codes you and your customers can count on. Luckily, date and lot coding printers and ink choices are there to make this cumbersome process smooth and efficient.

Industrial Ink Jet PrintersFab-Ron offers the variety of high quality durable automated packaging and finishing equipment. We sell and service world class Zanasi inkjet printers thereby providing the very best in service and products to meet our customers growing demands. Below are enlisted the reasons why date and lot coding printers are the top choices amongst the customers:

Printhead runs for longer duration – On an average, the CIJ printers tend to make clean print thoroughly for every one to two weeks. Rare of the rare instance occurs when the print heads are required to be cleaned multiple times a week so as to keep the print quality legible and to prevent faults. The print head design is the only standout feature that allows print heads of date and lot coding printers to run for as long as 12 weeks before they require intervention. The print heads also stay print-ready for longer periods of time due to the fully sealed and potted design combined with the unique auto-flush system.

Regardless of the skills, easy to use interface – The major hiccup usually faced by the users is how to keep the unskilled worker fully trained on how to use the equipment. With very little time for training and transfer of knowledge as the skilled workers come and go, this simple to navigate printer is a boon for less skilled workers. Additionally, the users can customize the home screen of the printer to have the most used functions just at the tip of their fingers. You can also lock down the system features that are not useful for you and can only be accessed by the supervisor or manager. By minimizing the error, you can end up saving money, less product will be wasted and there will be the reduction in the need for product re-runs.

Fluid refills with just one touch – No mess, no tools and no mistakes! The push-to-open door makes it easier for users to get access to ink compartment of the industrial inkjet printers. The ink and solvent cartridges prevent the wrong fluids from being inserted into the printer. Another biggest advantage is that the cartridges can be changed in a matter of seconds while your printer is running.

Date and lot coding technology continue to evolve and become more automated and integrated. Therefore, the industrial inkjet printers are in very much demand as they have a high-speed coding technology with aggressive dry times and performance along with reduced environmental impact. The date and lot coding printers have been a boon for the manufacturing industries. Relatively, it has increased the demand for greater speed and reliability in manufacturing facilities.

Industrial Ink Jet Printers – The Top Choice For Date & Lot Coding

November 24th, 2017 Posted by blog No Comment yet

Despite a lot of competition, industrial ink jet printers are still the leader for Date and Lot Coding. Irrespective of several new technologies have emerged in the years, industrial ink jet printers still remains the coding choice for many industries. The date and lot coding printers offer the manufacturers a coding solution that is simple to use, has the most intuitive user interface, and the maintenance cost is also low. It has most built-in features to ensure maximum uptime. They provide maximum print quality protection over longer periods of time due to sealed design.

Industrial Ink Jet Printers – The Top Choice For Date & Lot CodingThe high-resolution coding system supplied by Fab-Ron is based on Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology. This is considered as the most viable solution for a clear and clean industrial printing of barcodes, logos on primary packaging and multiple packaging both on porous and non-porous surfaces. They assure to provide the user with very high definition printing. The system is easy to set-up, use and maintain. Rather, it is always ready to use, plug & play.

Below are enlisted the reasons why till date industrial ink jet printers are preferred most for date & lot coding:

PRINT HEAD RUNS CLEANER FOR LONGER – The manufacturing units plan to clean print heads thoroughly once or twice in 15 days. But in the worst case scenarios, printheads are required to be cleaned multiple times in a week. This is being done to keep print quality legible and to prevent faults. The printhead design of the date and lot coding printers supplied by Fab-Ron is the standout feature. The fully sealed and potted design ensure that the print heads stay for a longer period of time.

USER-FRIENDLY REGARDLESS OF SKILLS – The icon driver user interface with prompted fields in the industrial inkjet printers is the highly valued feature. This makes it simple to navigate for lower-skilled workers. The workers can easily customize the home screen of the printer to have the most used functions just a finger tap away. You can also lock down system features that can only be accessible to a supervisor or manager. The easy to use interface saves money by reducing the errors thus making sure that less product is wasted.

ONE TOUCH TO REFILL THE FLUID – No mess, no tools, no mistakes!! The manufacturing units like the ease of a push-to-open door so that they can have access to the ink compartment of the printers. The solvent cartridges prevent the wrong fluids from being inserted into the printer. Moreover, the cartridges can be changed in a matter of seconds while your printer is running. The cartridges have a chip that automatically recognizes the kind of ink the system is using. The visual ink level indicator ensures full ink use without waste.

The biggest advantage of using the industrial ink jet printers is that it can manage nearly an infinite number of printheads simultaneously. To meet the customers growing demands, they provide the very best service.

Tips on Buying Date and Lot Coding Printers for your Business

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Date and Lot Coding printer is a type of printer that is used for printing expiration or manufacturing date along with other codes on the objects for user information. Nowadays the most commonly used printer to serve this purpose is Zanasi Z402 printer which has been incorporated with the advanced technology of Drop On Demand (DOD) product line. This includes the industry-leading Orkestra software platform, which is a revolutionarsy management software that provides a customizable user interface for each operator/technician.

Date and Lot Coding Printers

The three types of printers that are widely used are: Continuous (CIJ), Drop on Demand (DOD), and High Resolution. The CIJ is capable of very high speed but character height is limited to ½”. This type of printer is used for printing on a box of cereal or carton of milk. On the other hand,  DOD is capable of printing large characters but not as fast as CIJ. The DOD printer is basically used for printing on PVC pipe. Lastly, the High Resolution Printers are capable of printing both text and graphics on objects.

Just like when purchasing any other hardware, there are a few things that you should put into consideration when buying date and lot coding printers. Below are enlisted important tips that you should consider before you venture into your shopping date.

YOUR PRINTING WORKLOAD – One of the most important questions that you should be able to answer before purchasing the date and lot coding printers is: what is the volume of your printing work? There are available different types and sizes of such printers in the market for different sizes of business.

UNDERSTANDING THE USE OF YOUR PRINTS – There exists differences in printers that are used in office settings and the types used in industrial plants. On the basis of your organizational needs, you need to buy printers that fulfill your printing requirements. If your industry specialize in manufacturing of cartons used for storing cereals or milk, it is highly recommended that you use CIJ printers as they have high speed capability. On the other hand, if your industry manufactures PVC pipe or any other plastic equipment, it is better to use DOD printers. And if you require both text and graphics printing, use high resolution printers.

YOUR REQUIRED PRINT METHOD – Depending on your required quality, you can choose from either of the three methods used widely. There is the inkjet, high resolution and DOD product.  The inkjet uses ink as the name suggests, and works by creating dots at very thin intervals. It has the disadvantage that it can cause ink ‘bleeding’ on some printing media and therefore not considered suitable for coding and lot printing.

High Resolution limitations are speed and the substrate that is printed on needs to be porous, like corrugated boxes. Z402 plastic, metal, and box marking printers incorporate the advanced technology of Drop On Demand (DOD) product line. They provide excellent print quality at a throw distance of up to 35mm (1.37″), providing flexibility for any application.

DATE AND LOT CODING PRINTERS PRICE – This is a factor which you should always consider before making any purchases. There are many dealers specializing in date and lot coding printers and you might get confused which one to go for, especially because different dealers have different price tags. The Zanasi Z402 Printers are available with Fab-Ron at a very competitive price. According to entrepreneurs, these are the best printers to purchase.

Harsh environments have always posed a challenge for industrial inkjet systems. The Z402 DOD plastic, box, and date and lot coding printer continues in the footsteps of the robust design of the Z303 controller print system. It uses a ventless heatsink style of cooling and keep the internal components secure from the challenging conditions of manufacturing environments, ensuring more uptime and production output.

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