These are the Top Choices for Date, Lot and Batch Code Printing

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Precise, easy to read and indelible date codes and batch codes are important for many industries – from food and beverage to pharmaceutical. With industrial inkjet printers, you have everything you need to print use-by dates, best-before dates and batch codes you and your customers can count on. Luckily, date and lot coding printers and ink choices are there to make this cumbersome process smooth and efficient.

Industrial Ink Jet PrintersFab-Ron offers the variety of high quality durable automated packaging and finishing equipment. We sell and service world class Zanasi inkjet printers thereby providing the very best in service and products to meet our customers growing demands. Below are enlisted the reasons why date and lot coding printers are the top choices amongst the customers:

Printhead runs for longer duration – On an average, the CIJ printers tend to make clean print thoroughly for every one to two weeks. Rare of the rare instance occurs when the print heads are required to be cleaned multiple times a week so as to keep the print quality legible and to prevent faults. The print head design is the only standout feature that allows print heads of date and lot coding printers to run for as long as 12 weeks before they require intervention. The print heads also stay print-ready for longer periods of time due to the fully sealed and potted design combined with the unique auto-flush system.

Regardless of the skills, easy to use interface – The major hiccup usually faced by the users is how to keep the unskilled worker fully trained on how to use the equipment. With very little time for training and transfer of knowledge as the skilled workers come and go, this simple to navigate printer is a boon for less skilled workers. Additionally, the users can customize the home screen of the printer to have the most used functions just at the tip of their fingers. You can also lock down the system features that are not useful for you and can only be accessed by the supervisor or manager. By minimizing the error, you can end up saving money, less product will be wasted and there will be the reduction in the need for product re-runs.

Fluid refills with just one touch – No mess, no tools and no mistakes! The push-to-open door makes it easier for users to get access to ink compartment of the industrial inkjet printers. The ink and solvent cartridges prevent the wrong fluids from being inserted into the printer. Another biggest advantage is that the cartridges can be changed in a matter of seconds while your printer is running.

Date and lot coding technology continue to evolve and become more automated and integrated. Therefore, the industrial inkjet printers are in very much demand as they have a high-speed coding technology with aggressive dry times and performance along with reduced environmental impact. The date and lot coding printers have been a boon for the manufacturing industries. Relatively, it has increased the demand for greater speed and reliability in manufacturing facilities.

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