Guide To Selection & Maintenance of Hot Melt Equipment Nozzles

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Prior beginning with the new project, production managers thoroughly check all the tools they are in need of. Sometimes, they are loaded with all hot melt and supplies, but forget to consider which nozzle to use? When it comes to using hot melt equipment, the newbies may think that nozzle plays no role. But the truth is, the nozzle can make or break a hot melt project.

Hot Melt Equipment Equipment & Nozzles

Leading hot melt glue distributors offer a wide range of hot melt and supplies on the basis of the specific needs of your industry, so that you end up picking the right nozzle as per the requirements of your assigned project.

What Makes Nozzle So Important?

Hot melt adhesives are first heated and then passed through the hot melt gun for dispensing. It is at this point that the hot melt pass through the nozzle, which distributes the adhesive onto the product in a designed velocity, quantity and direction. These three factors significantly impact the quality of the glue and outcome of your project, therefore it’s highly recommended to choose the right nozzle for the job.

What are the Types of Nozzle?

The three general types of nozzles are the single bead, multi-bead and sprays. They all dispense hot melt at various patterns and positions.

Factors to be Taken Care of Whilst Buying Nozzle

Two factors that need to be taken care of regarding your hot melt application are:

The Hot Melt Itself – Every project and the material used therein is unique. Every hot melt equipment has specifications for a nozzle that best applies the adhesive. If in case your project has few nozzle options for each adhesive, it is advisable that you test each one on your product to determine which is the best fit for your exact needs.

How You Want To Apply It – The other factor that needs to be taken care of is how you want the glue to be applied. Experiment with options or seek advice from hot melt glue distributors on the perfect nozzle and adhesive for your materials and specific project.

How to Select the Nozzles

Spray Nozzles – Spray nozzles spray the glue thus allowing for faster cooling. It also enables the application of heat – sensitive surfaces.

Pneumatic Spray Nozzles – Pneumatic spray nozzles enables you to apply hot melt to heat sensitive materials without causing them any damage. They are considered ideal for heavy-duty jobs. They also use nozzles that can change their patterns.

Some of the most popular styles of nozzles and their application is as follows:

•Fluted Tips – They deliver angled application of glue to your surface. They are also suitable where a thin layer of glue is required.

•Spreader Nozzles – They distribute glue over a large area. They have a large opening at the end of a flat tip to spread glue on vast areas with accuracy.

•Extension Nozzle – Extension nozzles allow you to apply hot melt in difficult to reach places and angled areas.


Even if you have the right nozzle for your project, if it’s not in good condition, you will not get the correct glue application. Follow the maintenance and cleaning tips to ensure your nozzles are in the best shape possible so that you can get the right application each time.

It is highly recommended to replace your nozzles as well as hot melt equipment whenever you notice any wear and tear, chipping or any other defects. These products are durable, constant wear can cause an inferior product if the damage goes unnoticed. To meet the rising demands of such products, more and more hot melt glue distributors are entering in the competition with time.

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