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Mistakes to avoid when automating your packaging process

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Across industries, to meet the ever increasing customer demand, manufacturers are ramping up production operations. With the increase in product output, the packaging process must also be streamlined for optimal efficiency. To meet these demands while maintaining the cost, manufacturers are turning to the automated packaging process. As you make improvements in your automated process, it’s important to purchase the machines from the reliable automated packaging equipment distributors.

But, when automating the packaging process at your brand facility, avoid committing the below mentioned common mistakes:

AUTOMATING AT ONE GO – Don’t eliminate workforce labor as a result of automation!! Sometimes, the manufacturer lands themselves in trouble after doing so, because they hold the view that automation means to reduce your reliance on manual labor. Introduce automation slowly for it works best when the output is consistent. Prior going for full automation for packaging, analyze the benefits and results. If the packaging varies, automate certain aspects of your process and still maintain some level of manual input. Above all, humans are capable of innovation. They can identify areas of improvement and develop new ideas.

Automated Packaging Equipment Distributors

THINK ABOUT THE INITIAL COSTS – Any automation project requires some level of capital investment. Equipment, robots and software cost money. Therefore, it is recommended to invest a substantial amount in your packaging automation process. But, not all automation costs are equal. Invest wisely!! It might be possible that you may face failure in the later years due to the ongoing maintenance cost and other expenses. Therefore, make sure that your automation generates justifiable cost savings. Well experienced and knowledgeable automated packaging equipment distributors can help you build a solution specific to your objectives. This will help you in cost savings and also preserve capital.

NOT CONSIDERING THE MAINTENANCE COST – Automation is all about leveraging machines and technology. Machines require maintenance and support with time. If you want maximum ROI from your equipment, the first thing to do is to maintain them. Automating the packaging process will eliminate the substantial amount of labor, but at the same time, it will create new maintenance costs. Equipment requires regular maintenance and repairs from time to time. Therefore, prior investing the equipment include these costs in your project budget. If you don’t anticipate these costs, the ROI and your project’s results might disappoint you.

USE THE USED EQUIPMENT – Make an investment in the new automating packaging equipment when it is a long process and it is a dire need. Otherwise, you can invest in the used packaging equipment. If you purchase rebuilt or refurbished equipment and systems, you can end up saving up to 40% to 50% compared to the cost of new systems or parts. If you purchase it from FabRon, be assured that your investment and warranty is protected because the replacement parts used in the reconditioned systems are genuine and company certified.

FabRon is the leading automated packaging equipment distributors. We specialize in providing the very best in service and products to meet our customers growing demands.


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