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Know the Advantages of Buying Used Industrial Equipment

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Despite constant growth and optimization, manufacturers look for ways to innovate and maximize profitability by reducing the cost of purchasing equipment and machinery. One strategy that manufacturers apply here is to consider buying used industrial equipment. Although buying used equipment has its own advantages, but still many questions, uncertainties, and challenges pop up when businesses decide to buy used industrial equipment. So here we are sharing the advantages of buying used industrial equipment:

  • Lower Purchase Cost – Purchasing new equipment is a more expensive affair than purchasing used manufacturing machines – which cost significantly less. Typically, the difference between price of a new industrial equipment and used industrial equipment is somewhere around 30-70 percent. The price of any type of used industrial equipment depends upon its condition, quality, make and model.
  • Minimize Lead Times – When purchasing new equipment, you may face long and inconsistent lead times. This is due to many reasons such as missing parts, shipping delays, and not deploying enough staff to maintain order deadlines. Since the used industrial equipment is readily available, the possession can be assumed quicker.
  • They Hold Value – Used industrial equipment depreciates at a lower rate than their counterparts. As a result, there is an opportunity for you to sell the machine later on without suffering a huge loss in the price at which you’ve purchased. This is the reason why many manufacturing facilities are making a paradigm shift towards auctions to source their inventory.

Used Industrial Equipment

  • Better Lead Times – Used industrial equipment is available immediately. You can get the possession within 1-2 weeks. However, in case of purchasing new equipment, lead times are long, sometimes 3-6 months.
  • Quality Results – Often used industrial equipment is classified as old, but this is not true all the times. There are reasons why companies plan to sell their industrial equipment, even which are in proper working condition. For instance, when companies plan to restructure their business strategy, they sell their assets to recover capital. Sometimes, well-maintained and brand new industrial equipment are available for sale in the market. So you can get hold of such used equipment at a competitive price.

Fab-Ron specializes in providing world-class used industrial equipment to meet the growing demands of today’s businesses. We provide the best services and products such as hot melt glue equipment, Kremlin’s industrial paint equipment, Zanasi inkjet printers, as well as Gorbel and Vaculex equipment for material handling purposes. You don’t have to worry about the investment and warranty part. We only use certified replacement parts in the used industrial equipment. Contact us today to discuss your equipment requirements.

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