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Factors to Keep in Mind while Purchasing Industrial Ink Jet Printers

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Whether you are a manufacturer of foods or beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, or bulk powders and chemicals, there is some type of coding that needs to be done so as to provide various information such as batch numbers, production/plant dates and location, best before and use by dates, and more. Regardless of what type of product or substrate you are marking, ink jet printers such as date and lot coding printers can provide a great solution for industrial coding and marking needs.

industrial ink jet printers

But when you go out for purchasing an industrial ink jet printer for your manufacturing unit, keep these below factors in mind:

1. Reliability – Date and lot coding printers are used daily to consistently mark variable data on the products manufactured. From barcodes to traceability codes to use-before dates and more, the data produced by these printers enable clear tracking, thus helping the manufacturers to fill in accurate inventory numbers.

2. Performance – Most of the times, the industrial ink jet printers are widely used in the fast production environments. Some of these production facilities operate around the clock. Therefore, having an ink jet printing system that makes the work hassle-free and more productive is not just a convenience, but it’s a necessity. For others, a more basic or medium-range performance level printer will suffice. However, those on the production lines need date and lot coding ink jet systems to meet their exact printing demands each time and every time.

3. Compatibility – These industrial ink jet systems need to be compatible and should be in accordance with the industry leading technology. Processes should be as streamlined as possible so as to save both time and money. Having printing technology that provides flexible options can be the difference between an efficient print job and a costly one.

4. Price – This is a factor which needs to be taken care of while making any purchase. There are many dealers specializing in date and lot coding printers and you might get confused which one to go for, especially because different dealers have different price tags. At Fab-Ron, the printers are available at exclusive rates and have a very competitive price.

Of all the technologies to print date and other codes on products, industrail ink jet printers are the most common and have the highest demand. The perfect blend of high speed potential, low cost per print and low maintenance are some of the reasons why the manufacturing units always rely on these printers to increase the production and efficiency of the workmen.

As a leader in supplying printing systems, Fab-Ron understands the increasing demands of those industries who utilize industrial ink jet printers on a regular basis. We specialize in providing industrial ink jet printers, packaging and material handling equipment. We also service manufacturing and packaging equipment at affordable rates.

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