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External Factors Responsible For Wrecking the Dispensing Outcomes

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Robotic dispensing equipment helps in automating the manufacturing process. High-quality dispensing equipment dispense the adhesives over product evenly and efficiently. However, sometimes material handling machines do not work effectively, which results in lower output. This clearly means that something is wrong with the external factors responsible for production.

Material Handling Equipment Distributors

Fab-Ron, in association with Nordson, offers a variety of material handling equipment, including adhesive dispensing systems, to suit your specific manufacturing needs. A comprehensive selection of pumps and hopper sizes, along with a variety of hose gun connections helps in the customization of material handling machines to meet your individual requirements. Few of the much-acclaimed material handling equipment are:

  • MiniBlue II Long-Life Hot Melt Dispensing Guns – The hot melt glue applicator provides the longest service life as compared to any pneumatic gun in the packaging industry. It also reduces maintenance, downtime and replacement parts costs. One can also see the decline in adhesive use and material costs up to 50 percent.
  • Hot Melt Adhesive Dispensing Systems – The adhesive dispensing equipment is suitable for wide range of consumer and industrial product manufacturing environments. It delivers efficient, versatile hot melt and liquid adhesive application. The adhesive dispensing equipment, and applicators help in improving bonding and sealing performance.

The external factors that can affect the dispensing outcomes are:

AIR PRESSURE IN THE FACTORY – The pressure dispensing equipment requires factory air pressure to work properly. If your air pressure fluctuates throughout the day, it affects the accuracy and production adversely. Therefore, it is required to have a consistent air supply for accurate dispensing. Follow the below-mentioned tips to ensure a constant supply of air pressure:

  • To help stabilize small pressure fluctuations, it is recommended to install a filter regulator close to your dispensing equipment.
  • The incoming air pressure should be kept at least 10 psi below the lowest fluctuation point of your air supply.
  • To help keep air pressure more constant, consider installing dispensing equipment close to your air compressor.

FLUCTUATIONS IN TEMPERATURE – There are many fluids which are sensitive to temperature. On the other hand, there are fluids whose viscosity gets thinner as temperatures increase. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust dispensing parameters to accommodate the lower fluid viscosity. Keep a check that no doors are opened during the day and the HVAC systems work properly.

DIFFERENCES DUE TO OPERATOR – If everything works in the best way during the first half and then all of a sudden things start falling apart during the second half, it could be due to variations in usage between operators. Install the right dispensing system so as to prevent differences if any between the operators.

The above mentioned external factors can affect your dispensing outcomes which are otherwise not possible with MiniBlue II Long-Life Hot Melt Dispensing Guns and Hot Melt Adhesive Dispensing Systems. Fab-Ron is one of the renowned material handling equipment distributors, and specializes in high quality and durable material handling equipment and machines, such as hot melt adhesive dispensers.

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