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Buying Used Industrial Equipment – Keep These Things in Mind

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Are you looking for some industrial equipment on urgent basis? The wise decision is to buy used industrial equipment. If you happen to buy a new equipment, you will end up paying top dollars but also often you will have to wait for the machine to be built. Used industrial machines can work in perfect coordination with your cash flow and reduce downtime.

Used Industrial Equipment

Unlike the other sellers who sell used equipment “as is”, Fab-Ron service and sell world-class used industrial machinery and manufacturing equipment to help the system keep on performing reliably. There are several things to be taken into consideration while looking for a used machine to have confidence you’re making a good investment.

  1. THE SELLER IS REPUTABLE OR NOT – The first step to follow is to buy from a reputable and ethical seller. Do your homework and select the company or broker you’re considering to buy from. There are several ways to research a seller. Look at public company records to see how long the company has been in business and what their financials look like. Look for a strong number of customer testimonials that offer specific information about the buying experience and quality of the equipment that your chosen seller provides.
  2. LOOK FOR THE INCLUSIONS – There is nothing that can stop the seller from offering pieces of equipment individually. However, when buying always make sure that everything you need to run the process is included. If you purchase rebuilt or used equipment and systems, you can end up saving up to 40% to 50% compared to the cost of new systems or parts. Your investment and warranty are protected because the replacement parts thus used are genuine and company certified.
  3. OPERATING HOURS AND AGE OF THE EQUIPMENT – Different types of machinery have different lifespans. Once the piece of equipment nears the end of its lifespan, it requires frequent repair work that may not make financial sense. Do ask the seller about the operating hours. Likewise, the car with lower mileage doesn’t last for long, same is the case with machinery. The one that has more operating hours needs more repairs. Prior finalizing the used industrial equipment, these two factors need to be taken into consideration on a priority basis.
  4. MAINTENANCE RECORD / TEST RUN OF THE EQUIPMENT – While buying the used industrial machines, make sure that the machine has been properly maintained in the past along with knowing an in-depth history of the equipment. Know how well the equipment has performed, what were the unusual problems? Has it been updated or modified? Prior selling we, at Fab-Ron, operate the machinery to ensure it’s working properly. Be assured, factory trained technicians of each brand will calibrate, test and certify all reconditioned parts used in the system.

Buying used industrial equipment is a complicated process. However, if it is bought from a reputable seller that inspects and guarantees the machinery, the task becomes much easier. With Fab-Ron, you can rest be assured that you would be given the original quality even in the reconditioned system.

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