AXC Airmax Spray Gun - Stainless Steel

Light AIRMIX® technology – Modular design for High Volume Production
The AVX Airmix® gun, thanks to its size and reduced weight increase the performances and the efficiency of theautomatic machines.
The atomization quality offered by last generation aircaps and tips guarantees a finish quality and very importantproduct savings.
The fluid circulation is available in the base or inside the gun.

Xcite™400 AIRMIX® gun

The Xcite™ gun is the result of KREMLIN REXSON experience since 1925. The Xcite™ gun brings an excellent comfort to the operator. Its ultra light trigger, its design, its ergonomy and its swivel fitting reduce the operator fatigue, improve the productivity and stop all risks of RSI (Repetitive strains injuries)

The new Xcite™ gun uses high quality components which ensure a perfect reliability maintaining a high level of performances. The last generation of Airmix® atomization aircap offers unsurpassed finish quality.

The sprayer has the ability to significantly vary the pattern without changing the tip while using minimum atomization air and pressure. It’s really useful when painting complex shape parts.

16.120F FLOWMAX® Pump - Stainless Steel

For circulating and large production.
The Turbo air motor is recommended for continued use.

  • High reliability
  • No more lubricant cups
  • Leak free
  • Total sealing between pump and its environment, ideal to work with moisture-sensitive catalystsIdeal for UV and pre-catalyzed materials

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